INAC has an ongoing training schedule that includes table-top, drill and full scale exercises covering many of the aspects of CBRN planning, preparation and response for both emergency services and advisors to government. INAC collaborates with the International Master courses in Protection against CBRNevents of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

INAC develops and delivers in-house, tailored training programmes covering all aspects of CBRN events. 


INAC can help students at all levels achieve their full potential academically, intellectually, and professionally. In collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata.


INAC already offers student supervision for those working towards their Master’s degree in CBRNe, and has already helped students achieve success.


INAC's in-house multimedia service can help you communicate your CBRN procedures to a specific audience. You can implement specific information by using our professional communication team to effectively target your audience without any loss in the core message. This can be implemented through the use of various mediums such as Course of Action Posters, Informative Leaflets, Procedure Manuals, Presentations and more.

INAC can also help you deliver your message to a multilingual audience making sure no important information is lost in translation. To this end we also offer professional translation services in a wide variety of languages.


Tried and tested requirement assessment profiles have been developed to facilitate the status of an organisation’s CBRN risk mitigation capacity and related needs. INAC can support entities by identifying elements of CBRN risk mitigation strategy, identifies infrastructure in place for CBRN risk mitigation and helps to identify gaps in CBRN risk mitigation capacity.